Members Mark Simple Fit Tall Kitchen Trash Bag Reviews

I have bought and used kitchen garbage bag's for forty years, and never seen anything like these.If you can get them open they work OK, but the key word is if you can get them open. My wife tried to use them and could not get one to open at all. So being the big man of my home I thought I would try. After fighting with it for over ten minutes I got one open. I never seen anything like this at all. I'm not happy at all with your product. Maybe...
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Members Mark Simple Fit Tall Kitchen Trash Bag Review

Members Mark TALL KITCHEN DRAWSTRING BAGS. 2 holes in each bag. Holes are in different locations for each bag and not at the bottom so am able to use 2 bags at one time. However a great waste of money. If I wasn't an home away I would take these buggers back and ask for my money back. Certainly a defective product.