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I recently found I have allergies to some detergents. We have your members mark ultimate laundry detergent and I cant find a list of ingredients.

Can you e-mail to me? My next complaint is that I have to write a 100 word description of my problem and I thinkstated that pretty clearly. I have llooked on the internet for a list for about an hour now and I know you probably can find out what I need in minutes. Now I still have to add more words for you to read.

Can you somehow end this stupid thing about 100 words?

Inam going to spend an hour writing nonsense. Well I hope your detergent doesnt contain the things I am allergic to.

Reason of review: Ingredients list.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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100 words is a small, short explanation. It is not an unreasonable request.

That is so persons complaining may explain the entire situation from beginning to attempted resolution and not simply state : "Brand X is no good. The end." Have you had any adverse reactions to this stuff in the past ? Of course you didn't say - you wasted your space griping about the 100 words.

Have you contacted the manufacturer ? There's no way for anyone here to help you if you haven't done anything right so far.

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