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20 oz stainless steel insulated tumbler lid replacement

Where can I find replacement lids for the 20 oz Member’s Mark stainless steel insulated tumblers?


Dog cookies Members Mark bought in Acapulco

I bought your Members Mark dog cookies in Acapulco, Mexico. They were 100% natural.

Kale, blueberry, cranberry, and one other ingredient. I have never seen them in the store again after my purchase. Why? They are the only good and healthy cookies that are being sold in Mexico.

Thank you I checked the Internet. You sell many healthy dog cookies. Pumpkin and peanut butter.

Please send them to your stores in Mexico. We live in Acapulco with 4 dogs who love the kale cookies.


Members Mark model C08PC1 party cart- outdoor sink and server

Where can we purchase a replacement faucet for this sink?


Member's Mark Whole Kernel Sweet Corn

Is this corn a GMO product?


Gelatin in peanuts

Hello, can you please find out what kind of gelatin is used in Sam's Club Member's Mark Dry Roasted Peanuts? Thank you


Dining room table set

You sell the 9 piece madison dining set but you can't tell me where i can get replacement parts or the name of the distributor, I would love to know so I can order the chairs i need for item 980078626 somebody should be able to tell me something maybe the person who does the purchases.


Members Mark Grain Free Dog Treats

Does the peanut butter used to make these treats contain Xylitol?


Question about the ingredient

Hello.. i have the omega 3 6 9 fish oil , 325 softgel capsul which is produced by your company ( the member mark)...I need to know the source of the gelatin which is used in this product, please?

Is it from pork or beef or fish or plants??

Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP. Thank you.


gas grill converstion

can Members mark Harbor Hill 5 pc fire chat set item #980071806 be converted from propane to natural gas?


New packaging of chicken

The new packaging of chicken is cumbersome and difficult to work with. It leaks chicken juice,is hard to carry,hard to get open and portioning is picked for me.

Did I say It Leaks! Need to go back to old packaging!


Members Mark toilet paper

We recently purchased Members Mark toilet paper at our Sams Club and there is a problem with the quality of this latest purchase.

It is very cheap!!! You can poke a hole in it very easily. It is not as good as it used to be.


Replace table needed

I have a 8 piece cast aluminum Madison Dining Set item# L-DN1177SAL-G and the table was damaged in a storm. Is it possible to purchase just the table?


Gazebo top cover

I purchased a Member's Mark gazebo almost 3yrs ago from Sam's club and the 2 top covers need to be replaced, item # L-GZ822PCO. I wanted to know where can I purchase a new replacement cover ?


diapers wetness indicator

My coworkers gave me Members Mark diapers. I opened the box and noticed that most of diapers' wetness indicator were green.

Is that normal? The color of picture on the box was yellow and 2 or 3 diapers were yellow as well.

I think the indicator turns green when it gets wet. If so, the indicator of almost all diapers means they are not good to use..?


Tee shirts

I have bought members mart tee shirts at Sams club every time they have them. My question is where can I buy them now.

They are the best tee shirts I have ever bought. I would like to buy as many as I can afford. Please let me know where I can buy them now. If all else fails I am willing to buy a whole case from the c2’mk229 669-1999 .

Thanks for your time. Please let me know.


recall on meat balls

I have checked the lot number on mine I have two big bags of meat balls lot Number 15507305 exp November2018 do I need to throw these away or they ok to cook and service your recall said lot # 1550735 throw away thank you for your time in this matter Mrs. Edie Pate


Member's Mark Parmesan cheese

I have purchased your parmesan cheese in the past and have been very satisfied with the product. My last purchase which was 2 - 2 pound packages I have noticed that it flows very freely and makes me wonder if you have changed the proportion of cellulose added.

This is definitely not the same quality of product that I have purchased in the past.

As I live in Canada and it is an 80 mile drive to Sam's Club I did not return the product. I am reluctant to purchase this product again.


Commercial shelving system

I bought 2 of your shelving systems and I have 3 shelves left was wondering if you can send 4 legs that I would need to set up the other shelves without buying another system please thank you


Member's Mark 20 oz. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

I dropped my tumbler and the lid broke. Is it possible to get a new one? Thank you


Chinese Manufacturers of Makers Mark

What Makers Mark products are manufactured in China?


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